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Outsourcing of sales

By outsourcing sales, you get qualified and professionally trained pharmaceutical sales representatives who will represent you effectively in the marketplace, saving you significant time and costs.

We offer you professionalism, quality, helpful approach and quick effect of our activity on your business results.

All members of our sales team have been in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time and have a wealth of experience. They are regularly trained on sales and marketing skills and professionally managed to fully meet the needs of our partners.

The sales team works with PharmINFO's eOrdering system, which ensures high efficiency in fulfilling transfer orders. We cooperate with all major distributors on the market.

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the direct sale of pharmaceutical products in pharmacies and pharmacy chains. Despite the highly saturated pharmaceutical market, we have been successful in the long term thanks to our professional services.

Medical marketing

Sales promotion in pharmacies and communication with physicians are often connected vessels, one without the other does not work.

Veterinary products

We cooperate with veterinarians, provide distribution of veterinary preparations and medical supplies to veterinary practices.

Alternative sales channels

We look for alternative sales and marketing channels depending on the needs of the specific product.